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Legal Issues

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Legal Office

The Legal Office of Friedrich Schiller University Jena is not only active in certifying documents and the publication of the official gazette but also in legal advice, especially on data protection issues.

Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena examines research projects involving human subjects at to this faculty, in terms of their ethical safety. Here, "ethical" is not understood in a philosophical sense, but is determined according to standards set for ethics committees.

The Ethics Committee provides samples of informed consent forms and participant information sheets as well as further information material on its website.

Ethics Committee of the University Hospital Jena

The public-law ethics committees, which include the Ethics Committee of the University Hospital Jena, with their volunteer experts are interprofessional instances of testing and self-control in medical research on humans. They act in the interest and protection of the subjects and patients and should protect them from legally and ethically questionable research projects. In addition, they also aim to protect the research institution and the investigating physician from faulty behavior and claims for recourse. As a rule, scientific work is only financed and published in scientific journals if there is a vote by the ethics committee.

Ethics Center (interdisciplinary)

Founded in 2002, the cross-faculty ethics center is the first university ethics center in Thuringia. The task of the Ethics Center is to promote and coordinate interdisciplinary research and teaching at the FSU in the area of ethical issues. The Ethics Center is also a place of consultation for sound decision-making on ethical issues in modern science.

Information platform

The plattform gives an introduction on different areas of research data management (RDM) by means of practical articles on individual aspects of RDM. These span the steps of proposal planning of a research project, its implementation and publication as well as the reuse of the resulting research data.

Under the subject area "Rights and Duties", a wide range of information on licensing and legal regulations can be found. There are information and overviews on German data protection and copyright law, and laws concerning research databases and repositories.

An introduction to legal questions with regard to RDM is provided by the UK Data Service, in particular on ethical questions.

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