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4 Jan 2022
10:00 · Workshop
Workshop: Python for beginners
A "digital toolbox" workshop: practical introduction to the basics of Python. Two sessions workshop.
18 Jan 2022
10:00 · Workshop
Workshop: How to use Bash
A "digital toolbox" workshop: How to Control your Computer by Typing Commands
20 Jan 2022
14:00 · Workshop
Da„Research Data Management Plans – More than a Formality!
Workshop about writing a data managemet plan
25 Jan 2022
10:00 · Workshop
Workshop: Network Analysis with Gephi
A "digital toolbox" workshop: Network Analysis with Gephi
1 Feb 2022 – 1 Feb 2021
Workshop: HPC Cluster
A "digital toolbox" aorkshop: experience with on a HPC Cluster
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