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Legal Issues

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The Friedrich Schiller University Jena offers various support and consulting options for legal aspects. This website provides references to the relevant institutions as well as further information.

Supporting institutions of the FSU

Legal Office

The Legal Office de offers legal advice to the members of FSU Jena, e.g. concerning questions on data protection issues and the development of contracts and consent forms for volunteers.

Ethics Committees

The Ethics Committees with their honorary experts are interprofessionally composed instances of examination and self-regulation in human research. They act in the interest and for the protection of volunteers and patients and should protect them from legally and ethically questionable research projects. As a rule, such scientific work is only financed and published in scientific journals if it is approved by an Ethics Committee.

The Ethics Committee of the University Hospital Jena is responsible for the consultation regarding clinical research on humans and epidemiological studies using personal data. In addition to protecting volunteers and patients, it also serves to protect research institutions and researchers from misconduct and recourse claims. The Ethics Committee must be consulted prior to the start of any respective research project.

The Ethics Committee of the Friedrich Schiller University (formerly Ethics Committee of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences) examines the ethical soundness of projects involving humans of FSU members from all disciplines (except medicine). The Ethics Committee provides templates for declarations of consent and information for volunteers as well as further information material on its website.

Consulting in cases of conflict

The Friedrich Schiller University of Jena offers different counseling services in cases of conflict. For issues concerning authorship, please contact the university's ombudsman office.

Further Information

The German platform gives an introduction to different aspects of research data management (RDM) by providing information of practical relevance. These cover the steps from planning a research project, proposal submission and project execution to the publication of results and data as well as their subsequent use. The section "Rights and Responsibilities" provides information on legal regulations such as German data protection and copyright law, rights concerning with databases and repositories, and information on licensing.

The UK Data Service platform provides an English introduction to the legal aspects of RDM  including ethical issues.