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Services provided by the URZ of the University

Cloud Show content

If you want to save and edit documents and files together with colleagues within your workgroup, cloud solutions are a good choice.

Here, the current status is maintained and retrievable via your stationary and mobile end devices, regardless of the editing location. The individual processing steps of the project members can be tracked and synchronized between all participants.

With the FSU Cloud, the URZ offers all employees and students the possibility of secure cloud use.

Further information can be found here.

To apply, please use the following link.

Project drives/ personal drives Show content

If you need a project drive for documents shared by all group members, URZ provides a project directory as a secure storage space. Files stored are subject to regular backups and can be restored if necessary. The integration takes place as a network drive on the computers of the authorized persons and is displayed as a folder file structure. 

For private data, all employees of the unievrsity are offered a comparable private network drive for storage with backup function.

For more information on storage space for workgroups and projects click here.

For more information on personal storage click here.

Server-Backup Show content

If you need regular (daily, weekly, monthly) data backup for your workstations and servers, the URZ offers you the possibility to integrate the servers of your institution into the central backup system. This means that your server's data is backed up at regular intervals and can be restored in the event of loss. Linux, Windows and Mac OS X are supported as operating systems.

You can find more information here.

File upload service for data exchange Show content

If you want to send very large files within interdisciplinary working groups in an uncomplicated way, use the file upload service offered by the URZ. You can also make the option of uploading and sending files available to non-university members. Files can be stored between 48 hours and 3 months and made available to other users via a link by mail. The storage capacity is limited to 15 GB.

The service is open to all employees and students.

You can find more information here.

You can find the upload link here.

In addition, there is an upload option via the cloud service. Corresponding links to your own cloud folders can also be distributed individually to non-university users.

Server-Housing Show content

If you want to house your own dedicated servers or entire storage systems, the URZ operates the necessary infrastructure (climate, power supply, etc.). This ensures a secure and reliable housing of your systems and supports you with necessary maintenance. The URZ will also advise and support you in the procurement and installation process (contact:

You can find more information here.

Virtual machines (Server-Hosting) Show content

If you want to run a special application for processing or presenting your research results on your own server and want to avoid costly procurement processes and/or the effort of operating your own server hardware, so-called virtualized servers (vServers) are a good choice. The URZ provides you with all necessary network and storage connections and performs a weekly backup of your virtual machine. You stay responsible for the installation and configuration of all required applications as well as for the administration (incl. updates of the operating system) of the provided virtual system.

You can find more information here.

To apply, please use the following link.

Version control (GitLab) Show content

If you or together with your team want to develop source codes or text files in general and version them at the same time, the central GitLab server is a good choice. With this service, developers can conveniently exchange changes to the source code for projects and also document problems/bugs. The progress of a project is thus easily and flexibly recorded in GitLab. Gitlab projects can be hosted visibly for the public as well as completely privately. The service is therefore not only suitable for large software projects, but also for the preparation of a publication based on LaTeX.

Further information can be found here de.

The link to the login can be found here.

For the application please use the following link.

Databases Show content

If you want to store large amounts of information of your research in a structured and logically grouped way and in one place, databases are a good choice. The stored information can then be analyzed or linked under different questions to obtain new research results. In addition, your employees will be familiar with data structures and database queries. The URZ provides several instances of the database systems MySQL and Oracle. Automatic monitoring of the smooth operation of the database or regular data backups are handled by a professional operation at the URZ.

Further information can be found here.

To apply, please use the following link.

Data storage Show content

If you need a secured storage space for long-term storage of your data, the URZ offers a solution. The service complies with DFG requirements for long-term storage of research data. Data is stored on tape via sFTP for up to 10 years. The service is available to all employees. Data storage is carried out under the responsibility of the data provider. 

You can find more information here.

For the application please use the following link.

Externe Dienste

Eudat B2SAFE Show content

RDM Long-term archiving

The B2SAFE service is ideal if you want to save your data, which has been created within a national or international (European) collaborative project, for the long term, while ensuring optimized access for the individual project partners from different regions and institutions.

You can find more information here.

Eudat B2DROP Show content

RDM File Sharing

If you want to synchronize data of active research on different devices and share them with other users, B2DROP is an effective solution. The service is aimed at all European researchers whose institute does not offer such storage.

More information can be found here.

The link to login can be found here.

Eudat B2SHARE Show content

RDM Repository

If you would like to publish your data, which were generated in the context of a European project, B2SHARE offers itself as an alternative for a multidisciplinary repository, which stores your data in the long term for the scientific community and makes them findable.

Further information can be found here.

The link to login can be found here.

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