The material section of our website contains information material  for various aspects of research data management provided by the Research Data Management Helpdesk and the Thuringian Competence Network for Research Data Management​.
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Thuringian RDM-Days 2022

General event page: Link

20.06.2022         Opening Event - Infrastructures, Services and Tools

21.06.2022         Linotypes and Looms - Acquiring data and visualizing patterns in efficient structures

23.06.2022         Data management plans made easy - 3 DMP tools in the demo

24.06.2022         The lab goes digital - an introduction to electronic lab books

PhD Day of the FSU Jena



Thuringian RDM-Days 2021

General event page: Link

21.06. Erfurt: Infrastruktur schafft Datenstruktur

  • Paul Vierkant (ORCID DE): "Och nee, nich noch 'ne ID!" [Slides][Video]
  • Dr. Thomas Lauer (ErfurtLAB): "Generische Forschungsprozesse in den Verhaltenswissenschaften" [Slides][Video]

22.06. Jena: Metadata: Why and how machines love to read it

  • Prof. Dr. Mark Musen (CEDAR, Stanford): Key Note "It’s All in the Metadata: Making Datasets FAIR" [Slides][Video]
  • Dr. Sheeba Samuel (FSU Jena), "Provenance and Reproducibility: a look into Jupyter Notebooks" [Slides][Video]
  • Venkata Chandrasekhar Nainala (FSU Jena): "Chemotion ELN – an Open Source electronic lab notebook" [Slides][Video]
  • Dr. Réne Smolarski (FSU Jena): "DFG-3D-Viewer: Metadaten und Standards in einem Infrastrukturprojekt für die digitale 3D-Rekonstruktion" [Slides][Video]
  • Dr. Anja Perry (Gesis): "Metadaten. Und was haben sie mit guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis zu tun?" [Slides][Video]

23.06. Ilmenau: Make your data reproducible: tools and techniques for data documentation"

  • Daniel Nüst (Universität Münster): "Executing workflows during peer review for transparency, reproducibility, and reusability" [Slides][Video]
  • Jelle de Plaa (SRON): "Introducing open data management in Dutch space research" [Slides][Video]
  • Dr. Julien Colomb (HU Berlin): "Using GIN-Tonic to structure and write research Papers Data" [Slides][Video]

25.06. Weimar: How to deal with Reseach Data – Recommendations for the Data Life Cycle!

  • Kevin Lang (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar): "Recommendations for Handling Research Data" [Slides][Video]
  • Daniela Gawehns (Leiden University): "Transparent Workflows with R - From Raw Data to Results!" [Slides][Video]


1st Thuringian NFDI Workshop (13.08.2019)



2020 (29.06.-02.07.2020)


Research Data Management: More than just a FAIRytale!

Presentations and recordings are available at the webpage of theThuringian Competence Network for Research Data Management.

2019 (18.- 24.06.2019)


19.06.19 Jena: Forschungsdatenmanagement: Zwischen Ideal und Wirklichkeit 
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RDA 16th Plenary Meeting (9.-12.11.2020) and FAIR Convergence Symposium (27.11.-04.12.2020)

[Link RDA] [Link FAIR Convergence]

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