Funding for 10 new NFDI consortia

The DFG has announced funding for 10 new NFDI consortia.
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Vernetzung der NFDI Konsortien Vernetzung der NFDI Konsortien Image: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

On July 2, the German Research Foundation (DFG) announced funding for ten new NFDI consortia. The Joint Science Conference (GWK) made the decision which of the 16 applied initiatives will be funded based on the recommendations of the NFDI Expert Panel. With the decision of the GWK, the second round of calls for proposals has been completed and a total of 19 consortia will now be funded.
Based on the information provided by the consortia on their websites or Idw notification of July 2, the following 10th consortia will be funded: BERD@NFDIDAPHNE4NFDIFAIRMatMaRDINFDI4Earth, NFDI4DataScienceNFDI4MicrobiotaNFDI-MatWerkPUNCH4NFDI and  Text+

Thuringian institutions are also involved in these consortia as co-applicants or supporting institutions.

The third and, for the time being, last round of calls has been running since May 2021. In the 3rd round of application, it is also possible for the first time to apply for basic services, e. g.  basic infrastructural supply.