Guide "Rechtsfragen bei Open Science"

The guide by Till Kreutzer and Henning Lahmann has been published in a revised and expanded edition.​
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Image: Unsplash

Open science  includes a variety of aspects. Open access (free access to publications), open peer review (open review procedures), open data (disclosure of research data) and open source (open source technologies) are just a few examples. In this context, questions on the legal framework as well as on challenges in specific cases may arise. The revised guide  "Rechtsfragen bei Open Science"External link (written in German) by the renowned lawyers Till Kreutzer and Henning Lahmann, published on 31 May 2021, addresses precisely these issues. In addition to a systematic description of the legal basis for open science, more than 70 concrete legal questions on open science are addressed. It is worth taking a look at this comprehensive work!