Research Data Management Basics for Chemists workshop by the NFDI4Chem

One last time in December 2022
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Good research data management (RDM) is essential to generate FAIR research data. Therefore, NFDI4Chem offers the workshop "FAIR Research Data Management: Basics for Chemists". The two-day course will teach the basics of RDM and apply them to the chemical context. The workshop will be held online and in English. It is open to all researchers throughout Germany. Registration for the workshop in December 2022 is now open on the event website.

Upon request, introductory workshops to research data management  in chemistry will also be held in cooperation with individual institutions. Together with the local RDM officers, local specifics, requirements, offers and services will be addressed. These workshops can be held online or in person, as required, and in German or English. If you are interested in a workshop for your institution, please contact the NFDI4Chem helpdesk (