Thüringer FDM-Tage start today

The Thuringian Days on RDM 2020 (Thüringer FDM-Tage 2020), organized by the Thuringian Competence Network Research Data Management, take place this week with four online events of Erfurt University, Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Bauhaus University Weimar and Technical University Ilmenau.
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Day 1

The Thüringer FDM-Tage 2020 (Thuringian Days on Research Data Management) start today 13:00 with the opening event FAIR Together by the Research Data Management Helpdesk of the University of Erfurt. During the opening, the awarding ceremony for the FAIRest Dataset Award takes place.


  • Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann (Leibniz Information Centre for Economics, ZBW, Kiel; GO FAIR initiative): "A FAIRytale of the History, Presence and Future of FAIR" (German)
  • Esther Inau (Greifswald University, Research Information System): "Defining the Content for Electronic Registries Supporting Contraceptive Care: An Experience in Research Data Management" (English)
Day 2

On Tuesday 09:00, the event On the Way to FAIR Data: Tales from the Road by the Research Data Management Helpdesk of Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU) follows. After an introduction to the topic, there are two reports from FSU practice.


  • Joy Davidson (Digital Curation Centre, DCC, Edinburgh): "Planning for FAIR data" (English)
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Jogler (FSU, Microbial Interactions): "Electronic Lab Notebooks in Life Sciences - summary of four years personal experience in the Jogler-lab" (English)
  • Dr. David Urschler (FSU, Social Psychology): "The Open Science Framework: An easy and intuitive approach to share research materials and data" (English)
Day 3

On Wednesday 18:00, the event Data Management Plans: FAIRify your Data! by the contact point of the Bauhaus University Weimar takes place. Amongst others, the Policy on Handling Research Data at Bauhaus University as well as various support offers are introduced.


  • Kevin Lang (Bauhaus University Weimar, Research Data Management): Policy on Handling Research Data at Bauhaus University, support offers for research data management (English)
  • Kerstin Helbig (Humboldt University Berlin, Computer and Media Service): Data management plans and how to design them in accordance to the FAIR principles (English)
Day 4

The series is closed on Thursday 12:30 by the event FAIR Research Software and Beyond: How to make the most of your code by the Research Data Management Helpdesk of the Technical University Ilmenau. It focusses on research software and how to make it sustainable and re-usable.


  • Dr. Angelina Kraft (Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology, TIB, Hannover): "Moving towards FAIRness in Research Data and Software Management" (English)
  • Christian Busse (German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg; NFDI4RSE): "FAIR, FLOSS and Sustainable: Complementary Paradigms for Research Software" (English)

Attendance is free of charge and independent of affiliation to the respective universities. Registration is still possible until shortly before the start of the events using the links on the web pages of the single events.