Workshop "Daten in geisteswissenschaftlichen Abschlussarbeiten"

On 27 / 28 May and 10 / 11 June the DaLiJe team organizes the workshop "Daten in geisteswissenschaftlichen Abschlussarbeiten".


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Data is often called the "gold of the 21st century" and is becoming increasingly important in all areas of society. In research, especially life and natural sciences are usually associated with data. However, data play also an important role in all disciplines of the humanities. Besides numerical data, the term "data" encompasses also texts, images, videos, recordings of interviews and other material that is required for research projects in the humanities.

The team of DaLiJe (Data Literacy Jena) organizes the workshop "Daten in geisteswissenschaftlichen Abschlussarbeiten". The workshop aims at (soon-to-be) graduates from all disciplines of the humanities, that plan to perform empirical studies or data analysis as part of their thesis (B.A., M.A., Staatsexamen, PhD).

The course covers fundamentals of research data management, data sources, data analysis as well as the visualization and presentation of data. In this context, also software tools and workflows will be introduced and afterwards tested and evaluated by the participants.

The four days workshop will take place 27 / 28 May and 10 / 11 June from 2pm to 6pm. The workshop will be held in German.

You can register for the course via Friedolin.

Further information is available on the DaLiJe website.