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Mission statement

NFDI4Biodiversity is guided by the fact that stakeholders from science, politics and nature conservation need reliable data in order to make better contributions to the conservation of global biodiversity. In the partner network, the consortium bundle scientific and technical competences to provide users from research and practice with a service portfolio for biodiversity and environmental data. In the NFDI we share our knowledge and offer added value to the professional community, specifically:

  • Access to modern technologies and a comprehensive stock of biodiversity and environmental data;
  • Everyday and tried and tested methods and tools for archiving, publishing, searching and analyzing data
  • An expert forum for the safe and competent handling of data for diverse and responsible use

Organization of the consortium

The consortium is an association of about 50 partner institutions. Their cooperation and the use of the jointly developed results are governed by a cooperation agreement. The spokesperson institution and the co-applicant institutions are responsible for the implementation of the work program to the German Research Foundation (DFG) . The other partner institutions, as representatives of the biodiversity community, contribute data, software, know-how and other resources to the cooperation.

In 2021, a Strategic Advisory Board was appointed to accompany the development and further orientation of the consortium with an expert view from the outside. The members of the board are professionals in research, practical nature conservation and data archiving.

Work program

The work program for the first funding phase until 2025 comprises five task areas. Task areas 1-4 have a technical-operational focus and include, for example, planning for community engagement and international networking. Task Area 5 covers the organizational requirements and also ensures that what has been developed in NFDI4Biodiversity is available beyond the end of the project. The diagram below provides an overview of the respective responsibilities and the interaction between them. A detailed description of the work areas can be found in our project proposal .

Local NFDI4 Biodiversity Team

The Friedrich Schiller University Jena de is one of the co-applicant and leading Task Areas 1 and 3, while actively contributing to other Task Areas and Measures.

Task Area 1 (2involve): Community engagement

Prof. Aletta Bonn is the lead for the Task Area 1 (2involve).

Under the Task Area 1 there are 5 measures which are,

  1. Use cases to engage biodiversity communities in mobilizing and archiving existing and newly generated data.
  2. Support with tools/platforms for (early) mobilization of data and data analysis.
  3. Front office/back office: Active Research Data Management (RDM) & data science support.
  4. Education and training.
  5. Regular quality surveys, user feedback, quality management, reputation systems.

Task Area 3 (2consolidate): Long-term data, tools and service preservation, certification

Prof. Birgitta König-Ries de is the lead for the Task Area 3 (2consolidate).

Under the Task Area 3 there are 3 measures which are,

  1. Identification and description of the current and emerging technical ecosystem in biodiversity research.
  2. Profiling biodiversity tools, technical services and data centers, adopting them as NFDI-RDC-recommended and guide them towards certification.
  3. Adaptation, Enhancement and Consolidation of NFDI4Biodiversity tool and technical service backbone.
The local NFDI4Biodiversity team consists of

Please contact us if you have any queries or suggestions.

Further information

More information about the NFDI4Biodiversity consortium and events can be found at,

The partners of the NFDI4Biodiversity consortium are funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) as part of the federal-state agreement on the development and funding of the National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) of November 26, 2018 (project number 442032008 ).