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NFDI4Chem - Consortium and Vision

NFDI4Chem is an initiative to build an open and FAIR infrastructure for research data management in chemistry. The project proposal of NFDI4Chem has been published in the RIO Journal 2020. The NFDI4Chem consortium with the two spokespersons Prof. Dr. Christoph Steinbeck (Friedrich Schiller University Jena) and  Dr. Oliver Koepler (TIB – Leibniz-Information Centre for Science and Technology) is led by the Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

The vision of NFDI4Chem is the digitisation of all key steps in chemical research to support scientists in their efforts to collect, store, process, analyse, disclose and reuse research data. A core element is the promotion of a smart laboratory environment in which all data is collected in electronic form, documented with rich metadata and transferred to a repository. Using open standards aims to advance the implementation of the FAIR principles for research data in chemistry.

Further information on NFDI4Chem can also be found on the website of the consortium.

Chemotion ELN and Repository

The electronic lab notebook Chemotion ELN and the link to the Chemotion repository are at the centre of the development of NFDI4Chem.

If you are interested in using the Chemotion ELN, the Friedrich Schiller University Jena offers its own Chemotion ELN instance. It is maintained by the local NFDI4Chem team and connected to the server structure of the URZ. Please contact your local NFDI4Chem team for further information (helpdesk@nfdi4chem.de).

The video "Chemotion ELN and repository" (in German) explains how the Chemotion electronic lab notebook supports researchers in planning, documenting and analysing their experiments and how research data can be made accessible by transferring it to the Chemotion repository.

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NFDI4Chem offers various information channels:

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New training courses for 2023 are currently being set upThe offers will include both curricular teaching and training for scientists. You can find introductory videos on research data management in chemistry on the NFDI4Chem YouTube channel .

For the development of curricular teaching at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, we work closely with the project DaLiJe (Data Literacy Jena).

If you are interested in training or cooperation in curricular teaching, please feel free to contact us (helpdesk@nfdi4chem.de). We create individual offers according to your wishes and needs.

If you are interested in wokrshops regarding fair RDM at your institute, please contact us about the opportunity to conduct an in person event at your location.

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The local NFDI4Chem team at Friedrich Schiller University Jena is actively involved in implementing the central goals of NFDI4Chem. It is networking with local central infrastructure services (e.g. RDM helpdesk, computing centre) and supporting local chemical institutes in generating FAIR research data. Please feel free to send your enquiries to helpdesk@nfdi4chem.de.


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