RDA online survey for discipline-specific DMPs

The RDA group "Discipline-specific Guidance for DMPs" set up an online survey for supporting researchers through discipline-specific adaptations of DMPs.
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Working on a plan Working on a plan Image: Pexels on Pixabay

The Research Data Alliance Working Group “Discipline-specific Guidance for DMPs” set up an online survey. The purpose of this survey is to understand the current state of discipline-specific DMPs and data (and code) management practices among the international research community. 

The working group is currently working on discipline-specific adaptations of data management plans. Your answers in the survey are used to produce recommendations in Research Data Management practices for specific scientific disciplines. You are invited to take part in the approximately 15-minute survey and help in the creation of the catalog for your discipline. The results of the survey will be published on Zenodo

You can access the survey with the following link: https://www.soscisurvey.de/discipline-specific_guidance_dmp/?q=DMP 

All data will be stored on European servers and will be subject to European data protection. By participating, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you have questions or are interested in supporting the group, please contact Daniela Hausen hausen@ub.rwth-aachen.de